Daddy On Stage 2007

I always lose words when I talk about him, this post is not just about how amazing this man is, it’s how he taught me to fight for my right and how feminism is both camp work and much more lessons.

for a strong man to teach his daughter to be strong, intelligent, fearless to face this cruel world i quote him “it’s sad that we live in a world were men are in control of society and I want you to one of the women that will change this fact” and debate him whenever we talk about big issues yet he taught me to kind to every soul I meet. meanwhile never feeling insecure about his manhood, it’s the biggest lesson I learn from him how to be strong and never feel insecure about my womanhood even when I’m surrounded by strong people. In a previous post, I said that he’s the one who introduced me to Oprah and so many great women, not just men.

He supports my music, and ideas without letting me feel like if I became a politician just like him he would be happier, he always ensures me that he feels happy as long as I’m being myself and enjoying what I do. He was a parent when he needed to be when it comes to mistakes teaching me that there will be consequences for my action I make, which taught me that trust is everything. That’s why he’s my Miracle in this life to be born in a conservative society and to have him in my life is no coincidence.

I wrote this post to honor him and to say that to be a father is not just about authority and discipline it’s about understanding, never judging, and loving her not just with what you buy her, but by being the best friend, parent, and mentor she needs. Understand her fears and insecurities, let her fall, cry, break to learn how to be strong yet not leaving her sideline, last but not least show her the magic she holds inside of her.

To You Dad,

Your daughter ShoroK♥♥

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