You don’t have to be Arabic, or Middle Eastern to feel Syrian people’s pain, yes there are so many events all around the world, and so many souls  are suffering all around the world, and everyday millions of people around the world are losing their loved ones for so many reasons, but if you ever followed the Syrian story from far or close, you heard about the war in their country or the many wars in their land, but what you didn’t hear is their real stories and here I’m not talking politics I’m talking about millions of people from different background and religions, they lost their homes, dignity and a place they used to call home, I’m not here trying to explain the political agendas behind their suffering  or anything other than Syrian people epic survival from one catastrophe to the next, the world ignored their cries, millions have lost their destination just to survive, families have been separated on every border, the world abandoned them just because they don’t fit anybody’s agenda, the sea betrayed them, the land stepped them in the back and the air became too expensive for them to breath freely, watching a child not more than three years old dead on the shores of some country’s border laying down there with his face on the sand not moving because life was too cruel to give him a safe shore, it’s one story of many other stories on how Syrian people went from being people with dignity and pride to be a denial entry on every border and every land refusing to accept them.

History will stop for a very long time to describe so many events happening today, although history will stop for a very long time to try and explain what happened to Syrian souls, how the world watched them wiped from the face of the earth no one was bothered to offer them a shoulder to cry on, women, children, and men have been forced out of their homes, even God sometimes seemed like not listing to their cries, the screams from that land are so loud only few are hearing them, like a bird flying so high trying to warn the world about an earthquake that is about to happen, and that’s what happened, it wasn’t enough that the world punished Syrian people, the earth also came to deepen their wounds in it’s the latest chapter” What do you say in front of an unfair event? For more than ten years, Syrian people have been fighting fate and humans, and now the earth is even crueler” What do you say in front of this scene where children are dying because of fate and another human who decided to fight them for air?

Everyone used Syrian’s pain for their own interest people kidnapped their suffering like a currency exchange down and up, in front of their epic survival, what do you tell the Syrian children who lost their parents and families? How people and fate decided their stories, how do we expect a child to grow older and understand that life is still beautiful and their scars will heal?   I’m not here to claim that I know anything about their suffering I want to apologize to every broken Syrian Soul, that I couldn’t be part of their healing journey for our cruel hearts that watched them vanish from the face of the earth and didn’t do anything, they are human it takes a human to feel their pain. I want to apologize to them for not having the power to wipe the tears from their hearts and souls and not just from their eyes, how the world refused to open its doors for them, and even when they opened their borders they treated them like criminals. I stand in front of your pain and bow in front of your epic survival to every broken soul, I wish that fate will have mercy on you and finally wipe those tears.

No one in this world wants to leave their families, friends, and the land they grew up in, no one wants to leave the places they once laughed with their friends in, the places they went to, the air and the familiar places, no want to die in the sea, no one wants to get lost in new cities they know nothing about, streets that don’t looks like home, the amount of respect I have to every Syrian suffering soul, for you to want to survive after all the battles and wars and seas you overcome, after losing your memories because of the storms that are determined to break your souls. 

From this dark tunnel and the smoke curtain that hides the pain and the suffering of the Syrian people, I will always have Syrian people in my heart for their Epic survival, for they endured so much pain behind the darkness and smoke I am paying an epic tribute to your proud souls standing in front of a universal battle I won’t forget the faces I’ve seen in the last ten years I will always say that Syrian people screamed for help and how the universe and earth and humans on this planet switched the lights off and closed the doors pretending that it was ghost echo in an abandoned theater no one wants to enter because a ghost is a ghost they can’t bring them back to life.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

I am writing this post with frustration.  And honestly, I don’t know who will read this post, maybe a few people here and there, then go by their day or read half of it and leave the page.

The world before Covid-19 was already crazy and chaotic, and every country in the world is on the edge of exploding socially and economically, people are angry everywhere, reckless people have become more and more reckless out of order, leaders are leading with their egos, every time you watch a speech for a world leader you hear their ego screaming over the top, they are willing to destroy the world to satisfy their egos, and media is just thinking about their ratings and their business profits not thinking that their reckless way of reporting the news and promoting chaos as part of the problem we are facing. 

The anger you see on people’s faces is just a reflection of the leaders’ anger because when leaders lead without ego, they become a source of comfort to people, and adding to it, the news when people read and watch the news, all they see is part of the truth, and the other part is driven by the network agendas, knowing exactly how to catch the viewer’s attention, now news networks are no longer reporting the facts, but it became a source of rumors and to plant fear among people, the news currently is not about the facts, but making up the facts.

I think Covid-19 brought out the worse in people and world leaders, and it feels like Covid-19 is the excuse they lacked to become hostile and self-centered, I do find it fascinating when world leaders and news anchors, and producers are people like us, they go back home to their families, and they are humans like us, so how can they look into their family’s and children’s eyes and go to sleep peacefully without feeling remorse?.

that in the morning they are destroying others’ peace of mind and in the evening they have dinner with their loved ones like they didn’t do anything wrong, when reporting incorrect facts, or attacking people without the facts or evidence, then go to bed and sleep like they did nothing. 

I thought that Covid-19 was going to make people and world leaders and the news network to re-think the way they handle conflicts and situations worldwide, it feels like Covid-19 was a universal test for each one of us, and from leaders to people we all failed, Covid-19 become a political subject and politicians around the world used it as part of their political agendas, to bring their opponent down, not respecting the millions of families who lost their loved ones, not respecting those who didn’t have the opportunity to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones.

Socially, people became less compassionate towards each other, like in fictional movies when each character at the end of the world wants to do whatever feels right to them, even if it means jeopardizing someone else’s life.

In my short time in this life, I feel like the world is chaotic and there is no order, just like in movies when times are odd, the world is without any leadership, and what Covid-19 exposed to me is that world leaders are just like us, they were shocked by what happened just in time with us, they all appeared lost and not knowing what to do, do they shut-down the borders or not?. Do they have what it takes to stop the virus? Believe me if Covid-19 was a visible enemy, they would be ready to send arms and troops, prepared to destroy the planet. And after three years what did we change about the way we handle things in our lives? just the same and worse, not thinking about others and how to protect each other as humans, regardless of race, background, religion, and where you come from.

The world seems more divided than ever it reminds me of that old quote that says (united we stand, divided we fall) the universe gave us a golden opportunity, a golden ticket to get better, to stop fighting, it feels like a lost chance of what we failed to achieve is companionship and care for one another because when Covid-19 first started spreading it didn’t carry separate notebooks one for the rich and powerful people and leaders and one for the rest, Everybody is equal in this battle, and that is the lesson that no matter how rich, famous you are, what the virus showed, that we are all equal regardless of the walls and bridges and power we are all equal in front of this invisible enemy.

It seems like no matter how many times history repeats itself, we will never learn the lesson, and humanity will destroy itself just like in fictional movies, leaders leading with their egos is dangerous because leaders of the world are consumed by their egos not worrying about people’s basic needs like paying rent and food, having a roof on their top plus their children’s education, their healthcare bills and making their streets safe all those priorities are in the drawers, inside an envelope written on it FOR LATER, fighting among themselves for the office and who has more followers on social media and who is destroying the other one in media and it became like a popularity contest at high school, not willing to set aside their ego and set with each other and serve the people, to make the world a better place. This behavior is contagious now are starting to notice it in society.

Politicians, communities, and leaders have failed to learn the lesson from this universal test, Why, because again humans, us, you, and me, world leaders who act as if we know it all and got all the answers and the best intelligence on this planet failed to see this test coming and yet failed to unite the world everyone is acting as God gave them the key to this world and each one is acting like they own this world, and that’s why we failed in this test, simply because we are a HUMAN we destroy everything, and won’t be satisfied even if the world ends we will go to another planet to destroy it too.

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  Gandhi


The very serious function of racism … is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and so you spend 20 years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says that you have no art so you dredge that up. Somebody says that you have no kingdoms and so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary.” Toni Morison

I began this post by asking myself, what is my intention behind writing this post? From what I learned from reading Gary Zukav’s book The Seat of the Soul, and how we all act and react with an intention, with what we do, and what we say. This topic has been on my mind for more than three years. I know how sensitive this topic is, I have to be very careful with the way I approach this topic, what I learned from my past with racism, how and when to speak about it, stop for a moment, and think about it with a clear mind, because to accuse someone with racism is dangerous, it could put their lives in danger. 

Though recently, my doubts about invisible racism on so many levels have been confirmed, and I will explain them in full length through this post.

First, I will shortly explain my own story regarding racism, which I already did in so many other posts, but I will explain it again, so you can see where I’m coming from and how I came to my conclusions about this subject and I know that I’m not the only one out there feeling it or had experienced it. In my school years, all I had to be a dark-skinned girl to be the main target of racist kids at school to them they didn’t need to know my background or anything else to call me the N-word, basically in the middle east all you have to be a dark-skinned to be called with the N-word, Every morning a white girl will wait for me in the schoolyard to shower me with the most disgusting slurs I quote her” comparing me to an Oreo mingling with white girls” other days she will say I quote her “ my sweat will leave my color on other girls skin “, and so many other disgusting things, After graduating from high school, I went to a musical reality show when one of the contestants asked me to clean the floor and when I refused to do it he said and i quote him “the dirt will not show on my hands anyway because of my color” at that same time I had new romance in my life and the guy at some point when it started to get serious with him he said I quote him “you know that I will sacrifice a lot because you are a black girl and you know how society always reacts to interracial relationships” some other guy said to me I quote him “you know we can’t get married because you are black and in our society even if we do get married the look on people’s face, is something I don’t want to deal with” In some other incidents one guy from that reality show once said when we were on a bus and it was dark and in front of more than twenty people he said I quote him “don’t worry Shorok can smile and bright the room with her teeth” it’s a popular joke white people make in the middle east that a black person can light the room because the only white part in their body is their teeth so it acts as a light, I know it is disgusting but so you can understand where I am coming from in this post. And the Shorok I know back then never said anything because I was ashamed and feeling weak and never dared to respond. The ShoroK today will say Fuck You. When I was younger I used to think that racism does not exist in western countries, because I considered them “civil nations”. so I don’t to worry about it when I finally move to these countries, and I was confused to hear “Black Lives Matters” thinking that every life matters, right?, until I started following the stories and watching what happens to black people from police brutality to refuges and when I first went to California and me and my dad got into a taxi and his whole demeanor changed, he went on telling us over and over why he can’t take us, he kept insisting on why we should leave the taxi without saying it out loud that we are black, in the 20th century, racism was blunt and direct, in the 20th century and before it was legal and governments would protect the separation between black and white people, but now that racism is illegal and condemned on every level, every racist started to look for different ways to keep black people at the bottom and keep reminding black people that they always have to explain themselves and keep fighting for their rights and jobs. 

What frustrates me the most and so many others about invisible racism is that you can’t point at it. And black celebrities lately are facing it, but they can’t point at it because it’s hidden behind a cause, one of the few celebrities who bravely spoke about it is Trevor Noah on his show about the differences between racism in South Africa and America, that  It comes down to directness,  that in South Africa I quote him “it was more of an acknowledgment of the idea, that it was there in your face and it’s happening to you,  But in America, they hit a period where they started to change things Nixon and oh we got to be silent about this, and it wasn’t blatant anymore, so I always think that it’s a treble thing to do to people because know people have to be their own detective of their own racism” Note: the link for the full will be attached to the end of the post. So every time a black celebrity or black person makes a miner mistake or tells a joke, or creates a song or a movie that a white person can’t get or understand, society and media would go after them as if targeting black people easier than targeting white people because the latter is automatically protected for some unknown reason but don’t get me wrong white people get their fair share of backlash, but the backlash only lasts for days and then back to business, on the other hand, if black artist, comedian or a successful black person does anything that doesn’t suit a white person, the attack only stops if the person’s career is on the line, to keep reminding the black community that they still have a long way to be civil. 

So if it bothers the white community the whole world should be bothered by it, but if it bothers the black community a few would be bothered for a few days, this reminded me of a short standup comedy show I watched where the comedian said: “if the joke I just told was coming from a black comedian that would be the end of their career, it’s called white privilege” Moreover, An incident lately confirmed my doubts even more, when two amazing, kind artists, their influence on music is huge Lizzo is the sweetest, and Beyoncé is one of few who managed to change the music industry, she’s every girl soul sister, both dragged down fiercely to the point where they had to change their lyrics and some of their music out of kindness and sympathy, but that didn’t stop them from going after them, purposely targeting them with a global gaslighting campaign, the same thing keeps happening in other professions.

What I’m trying to explain in this post is that racism is no longer visible, and no longer spoken, it became hidden behind different causes and issues, and some people are using those causes as a shield from being called a racist, if a white person in power or behind a desk at a newspaper, CEO or regular white person, personally hate and couldn’t stand a black person all they have to do is to choose a cause that is related to them so they can attack the black person and get away with it, So as a black person you have to explain yourself and break your focus all the time and walk away from your path to the top or success, always explaining your next step, just like what Toni Morison said “The very serious function of racism … is a distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being”

Finally, just to be clear, none of what I’m voicing is to justify someone’s crimes. This post is not an excuse to commit a crime or hurt others on purpose, I am writing about everyday life, and the reason I wrote this post is to put some light on a forgotten issue, a small difference in this world, and to start a healthy conversation. I don’t care about the likes, followers, or attention. What I learned about the ones who changed the world, they are not the loudest, but the ones who choose to change it with wisdom, love, and Art, I used to believe that wars are the only solution to defeat the enemies to bring peace to the world, now after years of reading, self-searching, and witnessing what wars did to the middle east and the world in general, plus following good examples, I realized that to fight evil with wickedness you end up becoming the devil, but with love and true heart to heart conversation is the only way to bring peace to the world and battling with free art and free creativity is the answer.

“It seems to indicate something that I don’t think is quite true, which is that we have erased racism from the country, or the world. Racism will disappear when it’s, (A), no longer profitable and no longer psychologically useful. When that happens, it’ll be gone. But at the moment, people make a lot of money off of it ― pro and con. And also it protects people from a certain kind of pain. If you take racism away from certain people ― I mean vitriolic racists as well as the sort of social racist ― if you take that away, they might have to face something really terrible: misery, self-misery, and deep pain about who they are. It’s just easier to say, ‘That one over there is the cause of all my problems.’” Toni Morison

ShoroK ♥♥

South African Racism vs. American Racism – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent” Madeleine Albright

I have been thinking for days about how to subjectively write this post, about how can two years change a country’s long-time achievements and fundamental principles? Bahrain was the freedom heaven to now being an open space to some extreme voices. I was born and raised in Bahrain, so in the past, I used to hear conservative groups making statements about modesty laws, speaking about taking away women’s free-well but back then the government limited that kind of a speech. If you read one of my previous posts, you will notice that for more than two years I have been criticizing these groups, but this time it is different and obvious it is a daily attack, especially in the last two years those voices became loud, before 2020 they used to speak behind closed doors, then at mosques about liberal women and how to limit their freedom, preaching publicly about how women are dressing up in public and the way women are conducting themselves publicly. 

But Lately, I noticed a shift in their speech its no longer behind closed doors or just personal opinion, the authorities lately have been ignoring their statements at mosques, when a religious man behind a microphone on Friday preached speaking so loud to be heard by everyone, telling hundreds of people that liberal women who are seeking to have their civil and equal rights are sinful, and women who are demanding gender equality are shameful, and last, women wearing jeans are disrupting society, one can only wonder, where are the authorities from all this?.

For a very long time, I lost hope and faith in politics because I think politics is all about deception and lies, thrives on division and splitting people into categories (them vs. us). I am writing this post as a woman who wants to live in a society where I am free to be myself without social, economic, or constitutional limitations I am writing this post as an artist someone who believes in freedom and equality for all, I am writing this as a human being who wants to live a freely with no prejudices and I stated earlier that once politics disappointed me in the past I never went back to believing political leaders and especially the ones who wear the kindness and humble egoless mask, I decided that if I would ever support or believe politician ever again I will only judge their actions, not their pretty neat speech, but I promised that the day politics starts to intervene in my personal life, my personal choices, and personal freedom, that is the only time I will fight back with everything I have regardless of who is making the decision, the king, queen, my brother, my mother, my sister or my friends, as long as we respect each other’s boundaries, I respect the other person or government boundaries other than that when your freedom starts to threaten my life, well-being and my safety I will not set back and watch my rights being taken from me, for years and years, personal freedoms have been protected in Bahrain, I was so proud to tell people everywhere that I am Bahraini, knowing that as a person and human I am protected and treated equally to some extent, the sad part is that men from my father’s generation have always respected equality and women aspiring to be CEOs and Artists and they always supported women civil rights laws, But for the last two years, medieval practices are allowed to threaten our fundamental principles that been established over the years, that is a dangerous approach to allow extreme voices to decide which path we should all walk, it’s a verbal agreement to extreme and conservative parties to attack women in the streets, malls, schools and workplaces, and at home behind closed doors who knows what happens to young people and who will protect them, allowing those voices to set new rules and principles that “liberal and secular women and men in society “are sinners and they deserve to be treated with violence”.

lately, there have been voices in the country seeking to pass the (Modesty Law) which means giving religious members in our society the upper hand to forbid individual freedoms and it is aimed to restrict women from dressing up freely in public, and it’s just the beginning before we go back to conservatorship and next denying women from traveling unless she has a (Muhram) a male guardian, who would have the ultimate power agree on everything a woman can and can’t do. There are voices within the political system wanting to pass this Law throw twitter accounts asking the general public if they agree with it or not. Leaking videos and creating hashtags to gain support for the law. Liberals Men and Women are being targeted more than ever in this country, what makes it alarming this time is that now officials are allowing these voices to speak on TV and in newspapers articles and asking some political parties in the country to publicly support the (Modesty Law) and other midlevel laws that target personal freedoms and women civil rights. 

Lately, these voices are seeking to pass the (Modesty Law) which means giving religious members in society the upper hand to forbid individual freedoms, aimed at forbidding women from dressing up freely in public, it is just the beginning before we go back to conservatorship and next denying women from traveling without a (Muhrim) a male guardian, who would have the ultimate power to decide on what a woman can and can’t do, there are some officials within the system wanting to pass this law by recruiting some Twitter accounts asking the general public if they agree with it. Leaking videos and creating hashtags to gain support for the law, liberals are being targeted more than ever in this country, it is alarming this time because the majority of top officials are silent about it, allowing these voices to promote this kind of speech on TV and in the newspapers, also asking some political parties in the country to publicly support the (Modesty Law) and other midlevel laws that target personal freedoms and females civil rights. 

 It has been an educational moment writing this post, never thought that I would ever hear a woman go so far as publicly asking the authorities to pass the (Modesty Law) asking to enforce more authority on public liberties and female freedoms it taught me that not all women are feminist and not all feminists are a WOMEN, that there are women in some places in the world will speak against themselves, brainwashed by the uprising modern extreme religious movement in the region and this is why I wrote this post…., In the evening I was watching TV with my father and mother, suddenly my dad looks at me with a shocking face expression showing me a video of a woman, a Bahraini woman on social media shouting asking the authorities to pass the THE MODESTY LAW, which i previously mentioned in a different post, this woman asking the authorities even the parliament to pass this law that restricts women from DRESSING Up in a certain way in public, in another meaning she wants men to become legal guardians, taking us back in time and giving society the right to punish women publicly, and the dangerous part is that it’s coming from a woman, that is the thing that made me write this post that she is brainwashed to the point where she is asking society which half of it is men to take control what the other half should and should not do. And what shocked the most was that when my dad posted a tweet, a couple of men not all of them of course agreed with me and the majority replayed explaining why The Modesty Law should pass.

The most alarming indicator that we are moving backward in this country is that those voices are being supported by some top officials while silencing others, in the past and before 2020 these voices were just voices in the void, I never took their statements too seriously, they weren’t allowed to threat personal freedoms, but day after day the country is becoming Afghanistan Taliban, you won’t notice the change from the outside, or if you are visiting for a couple of days, it is the day-to-day that shows you the slow shift toward becoming a Taliban state. 

However, This time the game has changed because a statement like that comes from a woman who’s asking the authorities to move backward and is retweeted by a man close to the system, NO means NO first as a free human and second as a free woman, when it comes to my freedom and my safety I will not be silent and I will fight back, 

the sad part is that the statement is coming from a woman, in the past I assumed that women want their freedom and their civil rights, to be treated equally. To see the anger on my dad’s face, that’s when I realized that the battle is not between women and men but between those seeking to live in an equal world and those wanting to go back and live in the darkest hours.

The most alarming indicator that we are moving backward in this country is that those voices are being supported by some top officials while silencing others, in the past and before 2020 these voices were just voices in the void, I never took their statements too seriously, they weren’t allowed to threat personal freedoms, but day after day the country is becoming Afghanistan Taliban, you won’t notice the change from the outside, or if you are visiting for a couple of days, it is the day-to-day that shows you the slow shift toward becoming a Taliban state. 

However, This time the game has changed because a statement like that comes from a woman who’s asking the authorities to move backward and is retweeted by a man close to the system, NO means NO first as a free human and second as a free woman, when it comes to my freedom and my safety I will not be silent and I will fight back, 

the sad part is that the statement is coming from a woman, in the past I assumed that women want their freedom and their civil rights, to be treated equally. To see the anger on my dad’s face, that’s when I realized that the battle is not between women and men but between those seeking to live in an equal world and those wanting to go back and live in the darkest hours.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am scared of living here, I’m considering leaving the country, painful to think about leaving my family, friends, and home, and because I no longer feel at home, I feel like I am stranger in a country that I once called home, because every time I’m out walking in a mall or supermarket I feel people’s looks, the kind looks that I can’t explain but I know how it feels, women who dress up like me they automatically become a target for harassments or followed even when just wearing jeans and T-shirt, so many times women stopped me in the street and malls telling me to be ashamed of the way I dress, and on the other hand, according to them if a man ever harassed me “She asked for it” in the past, I used to see those situations as an isolated incident because I know I was protected by the law, I wrote this post, not as an activist or spokesperson for anyone, I wrote this post as a free woman, as a free person who will never give up their freedom.

 It’s nobody’s business how I live my life, how I choose to live my life, who I love, how I dress up, and the girl who once decided to become the best version of herself with no restrictions and limitations.

 “A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” Maya Angelou 


Liberalism is already struggling all around the world, and that’s why it’s important to fight for it especially in the Middle East.

The rise of the new anti-liberalism groups in the Middle East is alarming, and the new wave of giving those groups a platform and space within society and as countries taking easy, and what’s concerning me is that in the past these groups used to be more direct with what they believe in, for example in the past those conservatives and religious groups used to say that wearing a jeans ins forbidden and sinful thing to wear, that women who dress up like  western women are sinful and they go after feminists like Nawal El saadawi and others like her.   But now they are coming back with new tactics and lately I have noticed that the new campaigns has no direct attack and no direct message, for example “look away from every forbidden thing, keep your eyes shut from the sinful acts, and attacking movies not by the name but going after the actors or people behind the movie, or going to court and filling lawsuits against movies and to ban networks like Netflix and YouTube  to shut-down those platform, according to them it’s hurting society manners and making sure to do it with a calm soft voice” there are campaigns everywhere in the middle east called “Restoring Society’s manners” banning artist for their lyrics or actors for their movies , using that banner in the front to fight liberals and depriving them from their basic rights to dream and to achieve their dreams. 

This “Restoring society’s manners” campaign is dangerous because it’s happing in front of the government’s eye and authorities are even issuing permits for those campaigns or standing aside when women, feminists, or liberals are being attacked by those religious groups fearing them because they are half of society and to stand aside is better than getting into trouble for a small group in society that has no power and can’t shake the systems. To see campaigns in the streets up and high written on them “ immersing yourself in forbidden things will get you into depression and anxiety” and “ shedding your eyes from seeing forbidden things for it keep other’s eye’s away from your own( Maharim) in Arabic means your sisters, mothers , aunties and grandmothers” and it’s hidden so well that it doesn’t state directly what to look at or not to look at and coming from a religious party what does that mean is according to your own interpretation if you think a woman is wearing a tight jeans or a short dress is sin that means looking at hear means that someone else is allowed to harass your relatives because that woman is sinful, leaving the door open to other’s interpretations is dangerous specially in the middle east, when a religious party hang banners like that it means everything against their believe is a SIN, and what makes me wonder who gave them the approval and who actually issues permits to hang those banners is showing how double standard the governments are, because on one side and  for the western world governments in the middle east shows that they support progressive ideas and on the other side governments are allowing those groups to run society on a daily bases.  

As a liberal women what do I do with you making me a minster or prime minster or becoming the house speaker or a head of a governmental sector, what’s the point of giving me all those positions, without giving me the responsibility and the freedom of my privet life, what do I do with all those high positions without the right of choosing my own fate, if I can’t file for a divorce, when it’s illegal for me as a woman to marry a man from another religion when all men in the middle east are allowed to do so, what do I do with all those high position when I can’t get the citizenship for my children if I marry a man from another country but on the other hand if a man marries a woman from other country his children are allowed to get the citizenship, I can’t get a house for my family if I marry a man from another country, what do I do with all the high positions if I my husband can marry four women without any consent on my behalf even the idea itself doesn’t go with the 21st century, what do I do with all the high positions if I am seen as a second citizen and always waiting for the men to allow to do or don’t. what do I do with my right to vote if the system is only allowing conservatives and religious groups to be candidates in the elections or convincing people through propaganda that liberals are atheists and devil worshipers or they are trained by the foreign intelligence agencies, yes I have the right to vote with these kinds of options it’s a crime against women to vote for those candidates. 

 all the ministries and all the high position means nothing if a liberal woman like me can’t get her daily freedom to run her life according to her point of view. As a liberal woman in the Middle East, what do I do with all those positions if the parliament is occupied by religious and extremely conservative groups? and it became even darker and more gloomy to liberals in my country  since the late prime minister who was a liberal man who believed in economic and social equality between the sexes his famous quote is “Freedom of religion, Education, Health care and Gender Equality ensure good quality of life”, and I will stand against anyone who doesn’t believe in those principles even if you were my brother, sister, mother or father, and I will stand with until the end if you believe in those principles. And since he’s been gone those freedoms are being undermined and day after day those groups who he fought so hard are coming back strongly trying to ban ever since all kind of freedoms, they even went so far to suggested a “ Manners legislation” wanting to ban women from dressing up freely and wanting to control how people live their personal life brining back middle ages principles and day after day I’m seeing banners in the streets addressing sin and some extremely religious quotes and the mosques are more and more talking in their speeches about the liberal principle and how to fight it back and how liberals are sinners and they must be brought down and shut them down. 

The lack of freedom is the lack of life, and this conservative movement wasn’t always active in the past the same way it is now, the middle eastern society was liberal and open minded with a progressive look into the future, until the western countries decided to fight the communism at that time in the middle east just like a lot of countries some of people believed in communism and most of the world started a war against them , and the west convinced our leaders to attack communist with conservative groups and religious groups, basically convincing those groups that communists are atheist and infidels trying to take over the whole middle east to implement atheist laws and to destroy Islam principles and since then those groups managed to take over society and to create a fearful society full of hatred towards the west itself and to create an extreme ideology that anything from the west is atheism and the devil worshipers, and by time the middle east woke-up on a volcano that exploded full of extremism and even those moderate religious groups are against civil rights laws, and the subject “separating religion from state” is a dangers subject in the middle east because you will be labeled as atheist, and even the word secular is forbidden in our society because you will be labeled as theist, so you could get killed or harmed as a warning. 

Finally, history is always moving forward, not backward, history doesn’t wait for those who choose to stay behind, no matter what, especially in this age of information and globalization.   No one ever managed to break history’s wheels from moving; it might look dark now for liberals and women in the Middle East. All I know is that history is always moving forward, even when it look like it is moving backward, the resistance coming from conservatives and extremely religious groups shows that they are trying to stop the evadible, and I am sure that one day willingly or not they will surrender to the truth.

“They said, “You are a savage and dangerous woman. I am speaking the truth. And the truth is savage and dangerous.”  ― Nawal El Saadawi, Woman at Point Zero


Before you start reading this post, first I want you to watch the new Netflix short series called “Stories of a Generation – with Pope Francis”, And then come back to read the post, believe me, it’ll make sense, Enjoy 

(No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion, people must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite ) Nelson Mandela

 I chose Nelson Mandela Model because he fought racism and hate with LOVE that later brought people together to heal. Not through division, isolating others to gain political points, and not for social acceptance, he saw people through their hearts and deeds, not colors, backgrounds, and mistakes. I think his model should become part of the educational system all around the world and not just a chapter in the history books. Children everywhere should learn his model, how he was in jail for twenty-seven years, and when he came out, the first thing he did was he asked black people in South Africa to let go of revenge and hatred and to start to heal as a nation. Of course, it wasn’t easy but he managed to end the hate and revenge endless cycle. The way he brought the nation together showed that bringing people together is not impossible it just takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, and the most important thing is letting go of the ego. for while I wanted to write this post because I started noticing a lot of anger and hate is starting to come back all around the world, what makes it more dangerous this time is the technology and social media, so I decided to write this post because I started to forget that even what it looks like doing the right thing in many cases, it may deepen the divide and unconsciously becoming part of the divide by adding fuel to the fire.

I thought to myself when the pandemic hit, what the pandemic is trying to teach me? I started to dig deep inside of me and I realized that I still need to work on my inner anger and rage and trauma, and everyone around the world should take this lesson very series, if covid-19 is making you angrier and pushes you to attack others for no reason that means that this situation is triggering a hidden trauma and hidden scares you thought you got rid of. If it didn’t teach you to be more understanding, less judgmental, and have compassion, then take some time for yourself to heal, we all need to sit down and have a real conversation with ourselves, what do we need to do to make this world a better place, is it by attacking everything that we disagree with?. (which I’m guilty of in the past, thinking that to Fight Racism and Bullying, I need to make people fearful of saying anything, and I thought that the only way to fight racism and injustice is by fight dark with anger and loud voices with loud argument, and point my finger at the person old mistakes making the individual feel outcasted) until life starting to teach me a lesson, that to fight hate with hate and rage and going after what hurts, it will leave you empty from the inside and the world will be full of hurt and pain.

I’m not a saint I still say the F Word (hahahaha, no one can be, Sadly unconsciously I’m guilty of it too thinking that by responding on social media I was doing the right thing, by jumping on hashtags, what I didn’t know is that I was adding fuel to the fire, I used to think to myself “let me make it clear and make sure that the person understands their mistake” with that I didn’t know that I was creating a hostile environment and it didn’t help me or the situation, and without knowing that I was part of the divide, thinking that if I was fighting for the right cause it won’t harm anyone, how can it be wrong?! Right? But the internet is an open space where no one cares if you’re right or wrong what matters is making the topic trending, and driving attention to people behind it, I started to realize that I wasn’t helping. I still write my opinion on social media if the issue is worth it, like what happened to Gorge Floyd, you can’t say that your opinion is adding fuel to the fire, it’s important to raise your voice in these cases all of us should and must, and in many other situations where your voice is needed, but not every hashtag is worth jumping into t create more chaos in the world, also occasionally celebrities try to bring each other down through their millions of followers making them attack others for them and everyone feels like it’s the end of the world if we don’t defend our artist, it’s sad to see that the world is so divided that everything became worth bringing each-others down for and break each-others from the inside.  

 I will not fight evil with darkness because social media amplifies everything, it thrives on our anger and hating one another. A reminder that the algorithm has no feelings, it’s blind, it picks subjects randomly by detecting the topic with most tweets or posts, without separating what’s important and what’s not, the second reason is that every time I’m on social media I start feeling angrier and angrier about the issues in the world, and of the amount of information, the amount of cyberbullying, and when a group of people starts targeting someone rightfully or wrongfully it fills me with all kind of emotions, realizing that those people are using the open space to bring other human being down which is not normal, so many people are committing suicide because of social media and what others are thinking of them. I still use social media to post, like everyone else to follow sport events and tweet about my favorite football team and my daily cup of coffee or my favorite TV show and enjoy 10% positive energy from the people I follow. The most important lesson I learned is that online life is not real life and not fun to be on it all the time, it no longer “what’s happens online stays online” it’s started to become a jungle the big eat the small, and the loudest shades the quite.

  I started educating myself about historical figures who fought injustice through history, people who actually changed the world and I went back in history to Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelo and Oprah Winfrey, and I started thinking (to change the real world is not through anger and hashtags and viciously attacking others, it happens through healthy, real-life conversations and by setting around the table and listen to each other, if I can’t change someone’s mind on a subject, then attacking them will not do so) People who truly changed the world didn’t outcast others or stone their attackers but through LOVE and understanding where they come from. I started to ask myself who am I compared to Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelo, and Oprah Winfrey. Their struggles and the injustice they faced in their lives are more than anything I saw and will see in my life and thanks to them my life is better, because of their sacrifice the world is a better place, they managed to change history. Earlier in my life, I didn’t believe that anger and frustration would affect me physically, I used to be so angry with the world that I always had fatigue and suffering from spasms and muscle strains. My back injury forced me to relax and to meditate because stress and anxiety was making it worse, so I decided that I will try to do better for myself and the world around me, I want to change the world through love, music Art and kindness, and reduced my participation on online hashtags and I will always ask what’s my intention and why I’m responding, I started to use social media less and less and stop reading what’s in everyone’s mind, most of the time I post and leave, and just comment on sport matches and supporting my team and treating social media as a big mind reading device and I do not want to know what’s on everybody’s mind, and if something is negative happening on it I try not to dive into it as in the past, if it’s not going to bring a positive change I will not comment or write about it, HINT “I started to check if Oprah Winfrey is saying something about an issue it means it worth the time and effort” because she and my dad are the only to people I take their action and words seriously because I am who I am because of them.  

Last but not least, our mental health is affected by what’s happening on social media whether we notice it or not, for the amount of information we receive every second of the day, the web became an open space to all kinds of energies and thoughts, we are losing our mind because the whole world became a big responding device. Starting from 2022 I decided that I am not going to check my social media page all the time I will take a break every once and a while, I will still check sports news, I will still post some fun, positive, or freaky things, but I will not let it consume my life and if something worth the retweet and replay I will do, believe me, your mental health and peace of mind are more important than anything, the world on social media can wait, plus you can change the world through your work and how you use your energy and talent.

“When you are dissing someone else, you’re actually dissing yourself” RuPaul


Now more than ever, we need to protect ART and creativity to protect humanity.

I am going to write about the latest social and global censorship, backlash, and canceling culture, and why at moments becomes a dangerous movement that could help dictatorships and extremely religious communities to eliminate minorities like liberals, feminists, LGBT. Their excuse will be “that every community has the right to fight back anything that the majority find unsuitable” liberals, open-minded, and seculars will pay the price.

 Let me tell you why it is dangerous, Art is the air that we all breathe, the fresh air that takes our pain away, for one or two hours we travel somewhere else away from our nightmare, some of us escape from the systemic dictatorships were even speaking among friends get you questioned and silenced by physical torture or psychological torture, sometimes in the middle east members in the community will ask the leadership of the country to silence artist, writers, actors or movie creators and implement a maximum penalty. ART is not just a melody and a couple of lyrics and audience dancing, millions of people around the world view ART, Music, Movies, and Books as a form of therapy to their trauma, Art is a form of escape for people with depression, anxiety, and those living in a war zone, to people experiencing domestic violence their only escape is Art, Music, Movies and Books, Art is a form of escapism to those experiencing physical illness too.

In the middle east Art is a requirement to break the ice with the western world but not as an important part of life to move forward, people and leaders are approaching ART like it’s just museums, halls for concerts, and a couple of songs here and there, and not as a billion-dollar industry. In the Middle East, they think that spending millions and billions of dollars on sport, real-estates, and commerce is the only source of wealth. Spending millions on concerts to show the rest of the world that we have artists, but the content is censored, the lyrics are censored and monitored and some songs are created in one day, the melodies are not well done, we don’t treat art and artists as a fundamental part of society, we don’t treat writers, musicians, and actors as if they can change the world and as part of a cultural movement and part of our civilization, unlike the western world and how they view movies and music, for example in the Western world if an artist is creating a new album the whole world stops for it as if it’s a national security matter, and movies and shows sets are protected as if it’s a military base. In fact, Artists around the world are part of the society shaping process, celebrated by presidents and royals, their funerals held by leaders and royals all around the world but the Middle East. 

 Here is an example of Middle Eastern talents whose work changed the world but ours: 

 { Naguib Mahfouz (Nobel Prize Winner) stabbed with a knife, Gibran Khalil Gibran ( The Prophet) some middle eastern countries banned and burnt his books, Taha Hussein whose work influenced writers and intellectuals, he’s known for leading “modernist movement in the Middle East and North Africa” he was attacked and threatened,   Fairuz is The greatest artist of our time we don’t treat her like how legends are being treated around the world and have been attacked so many times and her songs were banned by religious groups in some countries,  Omar AL SharifWadih El Safi (Middle Eastern Frank Sinatra), and last but not least Yusuf Idris.

Art from my own experience is being killed by everyone pulling the trigger on it and threating it to become something else, when I used to get bullied at school and called all kind of racist slurs from the N word at school, to one guy telling me that he will sacrifice a lot by being with a black girl because of how society view interracial relationships, being called all kind of names every day from middle school and later in life, as a feminist I was forced out of the family because I became an Artist and I became a shame to my extended family, people within my community started to call me names like whore and prostitute because I’m an artist and basically they didn’t like the way I was dressing-up, and the way I speak my mind, later on I was attacked by a professor at the collage that I attend by saying “feminists are at the bottom of society ladder, and they are the garbage of the society and those women must be taken down and take their voices from them” at that time with all the things that was going in my brain it was too much and the only things that helped was my DAD taking actions against him because everyone in the class room thought it was normal and there is nothing wrong with what he said, and also what helped me the most is Music, Creativity , Books and Art , I used to watch all kind of movies and shows, reading all kinds of books, and for an hour or two it took me to place where I really felt happy, and I felt like it’s a free world far from the mini prison I was living in. When it comes to art no one within it should have limits, I used to watch every kind of movies the ones that I agree with or the ones I extremely disagree with, what I liked about the Art world is that it’s free from all religious and political interference (in the Western World of course), it gives creative people a place to be themselves away from the harsh reality, as a Muslim Black Feminist girl after participating in a musical reality show I’ve seen the worse in people, people used to call me all night long to bully me and telling me all kind of dirty words, how I will never get married and no one will ever love me, I used to have sexual harassment phone calls with men masturbating on the phone and close family members regularly throw hateful words about feminists. And as Always Art, Music, Movies, and Books saved my life, my depression and anxiety, and panic attacks came from the real world not from Art, Movies, and Music, even though a producer and a director created and show about me in Bahrain he only changed my name, of course, the show starts with a girl coming back from a musical reality show from Bahrain, he portrayed me as a girl who sleeps with men in condos, from man to man, filthy and has no manners and h even kept the same haircut, everyone in the country knew it was about me because I was known for that haircut, even with what I was going through, I thought to myself it’s just a show and it has nothing to do with who I am because I have the freedom too, to show who I am for real through my art, yes, I disagree with a lot of movies, shows, books, and music videos but Art is free from all kinds of restriction and judgment that’s what gave me hope that I have a place to be myself without being judged or brought down. 

I will explain to you why restricting and censoring ART is dangerous because everyone is going to use it the way they feel is right from their point of view and take advantage of it by dictators and conservative groups, why?, because (everyone thinks that they are doing the right thing from their perspective and what is right for me, is wrong for someone else) sometimes we get lost in the way of making things right, thinking that the only way to fight hate, darkness, and evil powers is through hate and darkness, thinking that only darkness can defeat darkness, bullies and trolls are can only be stopped by bullying them back, when I was younger I thought that I need to bully my bullies to defeat them but later in life, I started to educate myself by reading books and healing myself I realized that wars, hate, darkness will never defeat evil but will make it more powerful and I might lose the kind, the companionate person inside of me, you became exactly what the thing you’re fighting against without knowing that you are becoming it. The danger of censoring and restricting art in the Western World will make leaders and extremely religious groups to take it as an excuse to silence everyone, by saying that art is harming society in real live and its destroying the nation values, and it happened so many times to me and my dad ( whose the only feminist I know in my life, he’s the one who taught me how to be a one) he had so many messages on social media asking him to remove my photos because it’s inappropriate in our society plus that it’s not acceptable to post it, claiming that it’s sabotaging the general values (by the way he never took removed those photos),my dad had a phone call from a senior official in the country asking him why he didn’t ask for permission before participate in a that musical reality show, the same reason why so many girls from the region withdraw from the auditions, because the officials in their countries won’t allow them, also because the members in their communities protested against tem participating in the show, so my dad didn’t back down and I became the FIRST GIRL from the GCC to participate in that show, my dad response to the senior official was “I will not kill my daughter’s dreams just because group of people in society felt like controlling my daughter’s future” my dad faced a huge backlash some people asked him to ask me to withdraw from the competition and member of the family were angry and stopped speaking to my parents and coming to our house, my cousins stopped hanging out with me because I quote what one of my aunties said to her daughter “ if you hang out with her people will assume that you are a whore exactly like her”. And it was just the beginning.  

 So many schools in the country canceled musical and acting classes because people in the community felt like it’s better to teach girls how to cook, clean and teaching them religious values than some sinful class, they canceled all the art classes and replaced them with gardening and cooking classes, even the cinemas have been censored in the middle east , nowadays they edit movies and cut them to the point you don’t understand what happened in the movie, they cut intimate scenes , hugging and kissing scenes and if the women in the scene is wearing lingerie it get cut, so basically we are left with few scenes, most of the movies don’t get the editorial cut because the committee in the ministry of information affairs that is responsible about the movies is controlled by a religious members, there been discussion about banning some books because it will disrupt society , for example my dad’s books were attacked in mosques and he’s been called a “dirty atheist” in a clear direct threat, when it come to me, as a female artist I’ll be questioned by the officials if group of religious people find my work unsuitable , to the point where I could be sentenced to sometime in jail for a music video or the wrong dress I wore on the red carpet. 

 We are here to build this life together, lets disagree and change the world through healthy conversations, let us create Art that includes everyone, let’s not wish for each other’s death. And we are already setting under a Mental Health bomb that one day will explode and we will have a new pandemic bigger than Covid-19. 

 And to the Middle Eastern communities let’s make Art our priority to fight extremism and hate speech, by separating art from religion, and just like the infrastructure Highways, Metros, Hospitals, and bridges, Art is the most important infrastructure toward modern civilization.

Again, Art is the Air that filters all the chaos and noises in our daily lives, it refreshes our lunges from the social pollution we breathe through our minds, Art is like forests it helps to recycle the air we breathe and fights the deadly emissions that come from cars, coal mines and the Carbon Dioxide that comes from hundreds and thousands of harmful sources. 

Last but not least, I will end this post with two powerful quotes from two great women, and this is what they think of ART:

The first quote By Toni Morrison  

“There is no civilization that did not begin with art, whether it was drawing a line in the sand, painting a cave, or dancing.”

The second Quote By Oprah Winfrey   

“I fundamentally believe the right to anyone to use their imagination and their skills to tell a story if one author I felt, one artist is silenced we’re all in danger of the same”

ShoroK ♥♫

For Once let’s not be serious and let’s take a break, for a Self-Care reasons and to let go of all the bad news we hear all the time, Covid-19 and all the chaos around the world and around us as individuals, these are the movies and shows that made me and some of them changed me forever. And please make sure to write in the comments your favorites movies and shows that I must watch.

Enjoy you freaks


These Are My All Time Favorite Shows

  1. Oprah Winfrey Show + Super Soul Sunday + Next Chapter + Master Class
  2. Gilmore Girls
  3. 24
  4. Mad About You
  5. Ally Mcbeal
  6. lizzie McGuire
  7. Friends
  8. Pretty Little Lairs
  9. When They See US
  10. Bernie Mac Show
  11. Elementary
  12. Suits
  13. Game Of Thrones
  14. Buffy The Vampire  Slayer
  15. Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  16. Everybody Loves Raymond
  17. The Office
  18. La Casa De Papel (Spanish Drama)
  19. Self-Made
  20. Bodyguard
  21. The Sinner (season one)
  22. Seinfeld
  23. Jane The Virgin
  24. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
  25. How To Get Away With Murder
  26. New Girl
  27.  Seinfeld

These are my all time favorite Movies

  1. Titanic
  2. Long Kiss Good Night
  3. The man in the iron mask
  4. Sleepless in Seattle
  5. You’ve got mail
  6. Goal
  7. The Hours
  8. Mission imposable
  9. All the kings men
  10. Eat  Pray Love
  11. Revolutionary Road
  12. Carmel
  13. Gangs of New York
  14. Ocean 11
  15. Harry Potter
  16. 27 Dresses
  17. Adams family
  18. Body Of Lies
  19. The Devil Wears Prada
  20. The Hunger Games
  21. Precious
  22. John Q
  23. Saving Privet Ryan
  24. Man of Honor
  25. Forest Gump
  26. Clueless
  27. Matilda
  28. Hook
  29. Speed
  30. Face/ Off
  31.  Jurassic Park (OG)
  32. Noting Hill
  33. Bridget Jones Diary
  34. Sense and Sensibility
  35. Pride and Prejudice
  36. Friday
  37. Shaft
  38. The Silence of The Lambs
  39. Heat
  40. The Godfather
  41. Coyote Ugly
  42. Pretty Women
  43. Sherlock Holmes
  44. Man On Fire
  45. Don’t Say A Word
  46. Just Married
  47. Man In Black (OG)
  48. Taken
  49. Charles Angels (OG)
  50. Meet The Parents
  51. Big Mama
  52. Alice In Wonderland
  53. Panic Room
  54. The Da Vinci Code
  55. Inception
  56. Erin Brockovich  
  57. Revolutionary Road
  58. Cast Away
  59. 300
  60. Fever Pitch
  61. Ray
  62. Iron Lady
  63. The Hurt Locker
  64. The Of The Rings
  65. The Kings Speech
  66. Darkest Hour
  67. Roma
  68. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  69. Hugo
  70. Fences
  71.  What’s Love Got To Do with It
  72. The Bodyguard
  73. Pursuit of Happiness
  74. Selma
  75. The Help
  76. Hidden Figures
  77. 8 Miles
  78. Lake House
  79. John Wick
  80. Fifty Shades Of Grey
  81. The Equalizer
  82. Contratiempo (The Invisible Gust)
  83. Lions For Lambs
  84. Valkyrie
  85. Downfall
  86. Julie And Julia
  87. Gone Girl
  88. Maleficent

For a while, I wanted to write about women progress in the 21stcentury, to question whether we are in a place where we can go to sleep knowing that we finally can say that things are right in the world for us and others and funny how life sometimes works, I was in a bookshop, and, I picked one of Virginia Woolf novels and something in my heart told me to take it back and buy a book about two of her famous essays A Room of One’s Own & Three guineas the first essay is about women and fiction, and the other is about women financial independence, education and how women are treated in masculine societies. 

I started to read it, and, from the first chapter, I thought a woman in 1928-1938 must be so brave to have these kinds of ideas and not fearing the response. Virginia Woolf is a badass woman, a straightforward woman. She never sugarcoats the truth. She’s asked to write about women and fiction. Her analysis comes from the idea that how can a woman become a writer when she doesn’t have her own home, room, office, and space, how can women are only represented in fiction through a male point of view ?! Virginia insists in her essay that even some female writers couldn’t succeed at writing good novels because they have been suppressed and controlled by their societies, their perception about women and men are prejudice, these essays opened my mind even wider about so many other issues women are still struggling with, yes we progressed in many ways like the right to vote, represented in politics, artists, writers, thinkers, activists, teachers, philosophers, doctors and we are in a place where we have the freedom to say, wear, love and chose the profession we love. But the question that keeps knocking on the back of my head “Are we 100% free individuals” equal to men. Am I allowed to be alone without being labeled as lonely stubborn, serious, and single miserable woman or girl? Overprotected, killed, or cast out without protection as a punishment for her relentless and fearless personality.

In 1928 Virginia Woolf talks about how men are judged and labeled by their profession CEO, soldier, professor, royal, etc…, while women are judged by the men they are married to, or being the daughter of a rich man, or her dresses are handmade in Paris and not judged by their profession, did it change today, yes, and no, yes women are CEOs, athletes, students, engineers, and artists yet judged as best dressed CEO or the engineer married to a rocket scientist or first ladies serving next to the president and not even paid for their role, and the writer whose married to a billionaire, no matter where we go in life and how much we earn we are still seen as objects or wondering about the reason why she is single, she’s single because she devoted her whole life for her career, who wants to be with that kind of a woman, but when a man does the same thing he’s seen as a genius and the woman who wins his heart is a great woman, so the whole world starts checking her background describing her as powerful woman, she headlines the news and websites asking “who is the woman who stole his heart and made him settle down” and how morning talk shows make her wardrobe as their top priority, but single achieving woman is miserable, uptight, and nightmare or crazy and bossy.

The next point is when Virginia Woolf discusses women’s own home, space, room, and income because Virginia Woolf was criticized for being materialistic and not focusing on critical issues, like discussing important matters regarding her community. In response, she questions those opinions by asking educated men how can women be more productive and cleaver when they don’t have their own space to think, read, study, and having their income? 

How can women be equal to men when they are portrait as incapable of doing things on their own? Did things change in the 21st century? YES and NO, yes in the western world women can live by themselves, move to a different city if they want, but still be told that they need a man to do the heavy stuff which they can hire someone to take care of it, and a man to protect them from stalkers or burglars, but when a man chose to live on his own no one tells him those things, he’s never asked about how he’s going to eat or clean the house?! Because unconsciously he knows for hundreds of years that he can hire someone to cook, clean, and take care of the house for him, instead of telling women all the time that they always need help they must tell them that we all need help when we’re living alone. In the Middle East, the idea of living alone itself is bizarre, even most progressed men refuse this idea, just like what Woolf stated how can women create music, fashion, books, study medicine, etc… when she’s forced to live with the family until she gets married. So marriage becomes her only escape from the chaos around her plus she can’t have her own library, office, living room, and garden unless she has a husband, or else doomed to live with other souls, suggesting that she need to be alone in her own space to create, think, and meditate or to have her own breathing space she is seen as a loner, rebel, ungrateful of the blessing called family gatherings, and seen as a shameful woman for wanting to live alone because living on her own is a sin.

Do you know why men feel the need for a big family, a wife, and a need to settle down and have quiet time with their children and grandchildren? Because their whole life they’ve been given the freedom to travel alone, to explore without the fear of being hurt, party, try new things without a companion around, so by their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties they are done from partying, exploring, so tired that all they want is peace of mind, quiet home with the kids and the wife, while on the other side women are kicking their ass off, working three times harder so they don’t become prisoners to the men in their lives, earning their own money and working so hard to have their financial freedom, so they don’t have to live under their men’s command.

Virginia Woolf tried to explain “how women are given income but upon condition, to agree with society or the men who run their society”, in 1938 she was talking about men supporting universities and writers, and women choosing their own profession and those women who chose to stay at home to raise their children are not supported and they are mainly dependent on their husbands or partners and they can’t ask for an income from the government because they don’t do anything for the public but their own families, what did change today, women who chose to stay at home and raising their children they don’t get enough respect and they don’t get the right treatment because according to some staying at home is an easy choice, she works 24/7 to raise the world future leaders, future professors and help to nurture them for the future, we are in the 21st century and we still don’t agree on respecting them, to this date staying at home mothers are still financially dependent on their men it and it doesn’t matter whether the amount or not.

What about supporting women’s issues, when only society and specifical men in power need women’s votes and for patriotic events such as nurses, typing reports at war times, why do we still live in a world where women become entirely important around the elections, around war times, when two male politicians campaigning against each other they use us to gain votes to defeat each other and why do they only remember us when they need our votes or support around war times, our patriotism is just needed around specific times.  

 Virginia Woolf pointed out at “silent voices” who support women equality movement but they do it behind closed doors, those men are worse than the ones whose fighting women equal rights, how can you express your full support in private and when your voice is needed you become invisible, what makes it even harder when some women are against gender equality and other women are scared of men’s rejection because strong women “feminists” are undesirable as if they been infected by a deadly disease. When it comes to this issue nothing has changed, the only time they care about women’s issues is when it’s the election, or for their businesses to look diverse enough to generate more income and some countries appoint women in high positions without the actual power that comes with it to convince developed countries, for example: appointing her as a CEO or as a party leader, or the speaker of the house put in mind that the board of the company, the party is controlled by the majority ( Men) they can bring her down whenever she refuses to comply to their orders and as a party leader she is appointed by the majority (Men) in the party they can/will take her down if she tries to change any policy because men will fight each other but when it comes to depose women from their position, they become allies so they can remind women that they will always be inferior, the speaker of the house is up there because people in power wants the system to look diverse enough, but looking around the company and parliaments you notice that women are the minority and the majority are men.  

Women are giving the right to vote, but in some regions they are forced to vote on government legislations which forces them to become slaves to their masculine communities, how can a women vote when all the candidates are conservative, anti-feminist, against gender equality, against women civil rights, candidates who support the separation of the genders in universities, movies theaters, insisting to pass a conservative dress codes laws, which allows men to wear what they want and forbidden women from dressing up freely, candidates who believes that when a man kills his wife, sister, mother to protect the family’s honor he serve a short amount of time in jail, and candidates who forbid women from marrying a man from other religions, yes in the 21st-century women are not allowed to marry the man they love if he practice a different religion, but men are allowed to marry women from different religions, while it’s illegal for women to marry men from other religions, men are given government support and a home, while women get nothing, plus the marriage in illegal, treated like a second class citizen. candidates who believe that when a man rapes a woman it’s her fault because she is not properly dressed, how can a woman with the right to vote, would vote for candidates who live in the medieval age.

Women in conservative communities and countries are physically abused and violated, and what women hear when their fathers, brothers, husbands physically abuse them “He is your brother, your husband, your father and he carries the family’s honor” And when men file for a divorce they use women honor to win the case by questioning her honor and the way she dresses, or how she stays out late and that she has male friends from work calling her that he doesn’t want his kids raised by a woman like her, and the court guarantees him the full custody of the children, “Not to forget religious countries don’t allow women to file for a divorce”.

Bottom-line we are human beings we came to this world as equals, we are not enemies, my dad is a man and a feminist, he is the one who told me to watch Oprah Winfrey if I want to be the kind of woman I aspire to be he is such badass father, who gave me all the freedom to be myself and treats me equally to my brothers, showed me how to be one of the strongest woman out there and to be the BOSS OF MY OWN LIFE (LOVE YOU DAD) He protected me from the men in the family by setting a rule that if they ever tried to hurt me he will kick them out of the house, i have been labeled with so many bad names, looked down at, always trying to create trouble to remind me that I can’t be a strong woman around them, they talk down to me because I am a strong woman, but also the man who defends me is my DAD, he’s my miracle in this masculine society, a society that can’t handle a strong independent woman who speaks her mind, a woman who wants to be respected by everyone and to be free of all strings attached to her religiously and socially. We need to teach women and girls at schools on being strong, independent, taking their own decisions whether wanting to work or staying at home mothers and wives or wanting men to provide them with everything. We need to give girls the right books to read so they can develop their own perspectives. We live in the 21st century and some individuals won’t accept that we are both human beings equal in rights and responsibilities. Finally, I think we need more badass women like Virginia Woolf, Emily Bronte, Elif Shafak, Maya Angelo, and Oprah Winfrey to lead the upcoming generation. 


“Peace is not just the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, class, caste, or any other social markers of difference. Religion, ethnicity, language, social and cultural practices are elements which enrich human civilization, adding to the wealth of our diversity. Why should they be allowed to become a cause of division and violence? We demean our common humanity by allowing that to happen.” Nelson Mandela

OK let’s be honest for once, you might hear and see in movies and western mainstream reported you that we are a bunch of rich people throwing money like candy, or we are uneducated, extremely religious and Homophobic, terrorists and war is everywhere, some people fully believe the first one and others fully believes the second one.  The truth is the majority of us are the product of both worlds, and some in the middle with liberated and open-minded, and educated wanting to live a free life without hating the other and we want to live in peace with each other.

 Why it’s fucked up to be a Middle Eastern?!  We never had peace in the middle east, when I was 2 years old 1990 there was a war, and in the mid-90s after couple of years there was explosions in my country that my dad had to take out of my ballet dancing class because extremist  groups threatened to explode ,  2003 there was another war and bigger than the previous ones and as a 15 years old being taught how to run to the school shelters while hearing the warning sirens, and told that we might stay at the school for a week because of the strikes, the a amount of people with PTSD in the middle east is skyrocketing and we don’t have time to deal with it because we are always to next thing and next war, and let’s talk about political assassinations and activists, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2015 etc… let’s not forget that we are always anxious about it might be my country next, so we are always living on the edge and if religious group take the power, minorities like “ liberals, people who believe in secularism and girls like me pay a huge price”.

Since I was a little girl all I ever remember is war, war, and war, extremism, and dictatorships using people religious beliefs and ideology to stay in the power, the hate speech against each other, I grew up in a household where everyone was accepted, my mom and dad had friends from every background, race, religions Christians, Jewish, Hindu, etc… And all sexes and sexuality, I grew up loving everyone and only treat them as human beings and if you’re not kind you’re not welcome into my life or you use hateful speech or discriminate others that’s what I’m going t judge you for; until I started going to school and that I realized that 90% of Middle Eastern people are different than my household.

  Let’s be honest for once again, Anti-Semitism is a common thing here,   since we were little kids you heard your teachers and 90% of the society here will tell you that telling you that Jewish and Christians are the enemies, the western world is the enemy, all my teachers my whole life I was hearing this from school, religious homes would use the most famous quote every week’s speech, to burn them and to kill them and to hurt them, in the same time we have religious sects and each sect’s leader tells their people that the other is the enemy so they start killing each other, and most of the political leaders use that for their own interest, so countries here they burn books accusing them of Blasphemy and in the name of fighting atheism. 

We are living in the 21st century the barriers are gone you can’t content This generation “Millennials”  we want freedom, enjoying art, music, creating, living a free life, reading the books that we choose, we want to be part of the bright future where we can tweet, follow famous people, cheering for our favorite teams, falling freely in love, go on a date, walking the streets without the fear of being killed or judged for what you’re wearing, we want peace with other nations regardless of what’s your nationality, history, color, believes and sexuality and just judge each-other based on kindness and good deeds.

In the end, I want to sit at a table and have a conversation and laugh with everyone, whether you are Arabic, European, American, Latino, Russian, Israeli, Palestinian, Asian, Iranian, African, and Australian I want all of us to share happy peaceful conversations about life, living all of us in peace, share music, creativity and create the world that the old generation couldn’t build, let’s stop hating and judging and drive the wedge even further say that as a young generation in the middle east we want to be able to live the full freedom,  I want us to love one another as human beings away from politics, I want us Millennials to be able to sit on one table without the judgment we have that media and politician tried to tell us about our difference and becoming scared of each other. I just want this current generation to sit at one table with all our differences and leave the past behind us, leave hate behind us, leave all the political harmful thoughts that they planted in our mind about the other, the fear of the other and the fear of the unknown nations, and that’s why extremisms been winning from both sides. And Stop celebrating the imaginable victories, and fake peace, leaders in the region need to stop using their political and personal agendas by using historical and religious events to gain or sustain power. Stop living in the past.

We All Deserve to be loved and respected because LOVE IS LOVE

“Today we should all ask ourselves: What have I done to improve the surroundings in which I live?” Nelson Mandela