Freak Feminist   Many people assume or pretended to know what feminism is about either the anti-feminism or those who understand feminism the wrong way, the main assumption is that feminists are a group rebellion women who hates men, who don’t consider men are important to their life’s, don’t shower and don’t shave their bodyContinue reading

Being a Black Muslim Woman with a Huge Dream   It’s what I call the real life Deathly Hallows, being a woman is already hard all around the world, much harder living in a conservative country, there are some people who call themselves “Open Minded” but the minute I discuses my thoughts and dream toContinue reading

Things That Matters..   Every suffering soul deserves Love, Support, and chance in life. We don’t have to suffer to understand that we need to help others. And how laws alone can’t help if society is not educated enough understand these issues. We all share the same pain but different story, that’s why I supportContinue reading