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How many times you’ve  heard that failure is the first step to success and that every time you fail it’s another brick to build your success,   but there are moments when you don’t remember these quotes because the situation is so hard and you feel that things will never be OK, you just  can’t  implement it at that moment, especially  if  you have  been working so hard for so long and every time you try something new and you get excited thinking that “oh that’s it, from now everything will work out” and things start falling apart again  and you get ten steps backward.  At that moment you feel stuck in between “do I give up or I just keep going”.  Because every successful person talks about their success journey and how they failed at the beginning and how failing teaches you a lot about yourself and that’s it.  Successful people often forget to talk to about how the process will be hard, how at a times you will feel so frustrated and angry, how the real moments feel like a punch in the gut, and you just go to bed feeling like there is no way out from whatever situation you’re in.  They should state it that way and then add; but in those moments you will meet yourself for the first time, that at that moment all your work on yourself will be coming out, in the moment of frustration and failure you should learn to be positive and motivated not just during sunny beautiful happy days.

I wanted to write this post because I’m not where I want to be, I failed in the past but I will continue to fight for my dreams, also I’m writing this post so if you’re fighting for your dreams here you go there’s someone who’s going through the same process as you, so don’t give up, like i said I’m not there yet and at times i feel it’s hard to continue, but like I said before,  now is the time to show your strength and positive attitude.

I’m just an example of failing for thousands of times and yet I keep going, trusting the journey and the process of failure, I have many examples in my life and these two examples are two of many.  Failing at a musical reality show I didn’t go further than five weeks and during that time I had a hard time on the show I faced racism , bullying , and hate for being a girl from a conservative country,  that I asked the other contestants to vote me out,  believe me when i say i felt like i failed so bad, it was one of my biggest lessons with failure, now i’m so proud of that experience i wont change a thing about it. it’s a constant reminder that at the end everything will be fine and every failure has an end.


Lesson number two is when i was in college for six years preparing for my BBA and my MBA degree, during final exams and busy weeks, studying while maintain my enthusiasm for my music, working on both at night because music is my life, one hour  writing my essays and the next hour sending my music through emails . At times I failed, cried, lost loved ones, got sick, and there was a times when I had  two final exams at the same day my grandfather died and I went to that exam while i was sick and I had my period, plus that winter was the coldest since 1964, at that day I had flash backs how I failed in the past in high school when things weren’t going well, I could’ve easily withdraw  from the exams, it would’ve been justified, but my dad told me that “No one will say that you’re a loser because it’s a hard situation, but if you attend the exams and you fail at it then  you did your best and it’s not the end of the world you will be stronger for the next years, and if you attend it and pass the exams you will gain experience for the future  and you’ll  be proud of  yourself”.  So I went to that exam and I passed it not with the best grades but i did it i faced my past failure experiences, and that’s how i passed the whole six years, now looking back at it, it was the best lesson that failure taught me” It’s not as scary as it sounds”.


Yes, I will fail again and I will get frustrated but I will never stop.  Quitting is not in my DNA.  So if you’re reading this and you feel the same just remember that someone somewhere in this world is supporting you and fighting just like you.  So don’t give up let’s keep fighting.


ShoroK ♥♥

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