Why Music…


Because it’s my tool to communicate with the world, since I was a little girl I just knew always knew that music is my therapy, soul food and the way I communicated with the universe.  I don’t need to know music notes or music secrets to fall in love with a song, it just touches my soul without any explanation, that’s why I write music lyrics all the time, it’s how I can motivate others ,telling my story through my lyrics, and it’s how I can say I’m mad, sad or in love.  I can’t show or talk my feelings; I can only sing my feelings or share them with a piece of music that can explain my feelings more than I can. I don’t just do it for a living, or to state the issues I stand for, fight for, I do it for the sake of my soul too.

Music kept me alive, healed my soul, music is not just a talent it’s a feeling and motivation to be a better person, it makes my soul happy, and just like what Oprah Winfery once said “You know it’s your call when you are ready to do it for nothing” I did that in the past and I will do it in the future because like she said it feels like it’s the fuel of your soul, it motivates me every morning to wake up knowing that I have music to live for and I never think of money or fame  because it’s more than an income and more than an exposure it’s my path and my purpose in this life time.

And finally music is what lovers share, broken people hear and lonely people enjoy that’s why I love Music and I will never give up on it.



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