Women Who Have Inspired Me

Women Who inspiered me

It all started when I asked my dad “Dad who’s Oprah Winfrey?” I know it’s crazy to say that now knowing her, but I was just fourteen or fifteen at that time, I used to hear the women in my family talking about how famous her show is. My dad’s response was “if you ever want to become successful and powerful you have to watch her”. Her influence on my life is huge she’s like a mentor to me, as a woman I’ve learned mostly through her. It all started there at that moment. Then I was searching for other strong women, the ones who changed history simply by being themselves free strong humans.

Dad then introduced me to Margaret Thatcher the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom the “Iron Lady”. Then Princess Diana, he never told me how just beautiful and stylish she was like what most the people will describe her, he told me that this woman didn’t take her title for granted she used it to help others in need even when the whole world only saw her a beautiful stylish the queen of hearts, what fascinated me is how she broke the royal protocols. After that, it was Mother Teresa and her Heroic selfless work for the poor. Later I started to for my search to own strong inspiring women like Maya Angelou and her fight for women rights and equal rights to be free in her choices, Frida Kahlo is the feminist she was. Madonna for me was the controversial women with a purpose with her eye-catching art against all social standards, she broke the boundaries and took the world by storm she showed how art can break all kind of barriers.

And in this modern era I was fascinated by Beyoncé just like everyone else but for me she was more than a sexy beautiful women, she was someone who inspired me as a black girl in a racist society that finds black girls are not chosen as beautiful women, she was my connection to my inner beautiful black girl. Last but not least Elif Shafak the writer plus activist I remember I bought her book by mistake “40 roles for love” from there I fell in love with her books, and her ideas about women in a religious societies, she’s more than a writer, in my opinion, she is the definition of feminism.


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