Now What?!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post.  Things have been going too fast and too chaotic, politically and socially, not just in one country but all over the world, and with COVID-19, we are all feeling anxious no one knows when it will end, I know I sound depressed and going crazy, aren’t you??. Yes, there’s good in the bad, that’s how I’m killing the negative vibes, all the bad energy at the end we are human, thinking about all the paused dreams and all the personal dreams that we all have, and all the happy events that got canceled, so many lost their loved ones for this vicious virus, people canceled their wedding, having kids, moving to a new house and waiting for that new job.

All the times we felt lazy and unhappy to go to work and run errands etc. now it became a luxury.   I am an introvert staying at home is my thing, but now that I’m forced to stay at home, I can’t do the normal things like shopping for food, I can’t go to my chiropractor and physiotherapy sessions to treat my back injury, going to the bookstore is not an option I know I can order books online but the feeling to stroll in the bookstore with that unique book’s smell.

Going to the hospital is a nightmare getting the regular flu is scary because you need to go to get a PCR test to know whether you have it or not.   I can’t imagine what dating is in this situation how people are going on dates when most of the restaurants are closed they only do home delivery, even if it’s possible to sit in a restaurant the whole time you will worry not to get infected by the virus, Uhhh it’s walking dead going real, what about just getting together with your friends it’s no longer an option, and we only saw each other for four times in the last eight months, just like online dating me and my friends are face-timing each other.

I am a musician, and I can imagine what other musicians are feeling? For an upcoming artist, it’s scary because your whole life hard work is toward one dream is to sell full stadiums around the world. For an artist to sell your Music you need to have live shows, to travel the entire world, and to be in the studio.  I keep wondering how music concerts are going to be soon, from full stadiums to empty ones.

I know this post might be all over the place just wanted to check-in with others to see how everyone is doing and to tell someone that you are not the only one whether you’re an extrovert or introvert it’s not about loving to stay at home or not, but the feeling that life is restricted, you can’t control the outcomes like going to the hospital, buying books from the bookstore, grabbing a coffee with your friends, planning for a vacation, planning your career, going to college, graduating, that job interview and just having the option to do what you want whenever you want.

My silver lining is my DAD, my books there are too many that I can read without finishing all the books in the world, working out, writing songs, watching movies, and planning for after COVID-19 so the minute it ends, I have a plan that is ready to be implemented.  I’m just taking it day-by-day, and living in the moment is the one thing I learned that it’s the most important thing, have no idea how precious these seconds that your heart beats, you’re alive and healthy.

ShoroK ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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