Have you ever felt like you’re lost in-between two worlds and you felt like  you’ve been born in the wrong place and that everything is against you.  Lost in a world where there’s no point of even keep believing unless you move to the next chapter,  and then you realize that the other world will not see you differently. Only because you don’t look like the common Muslim woman you’re spouse to look like for the world to hear your story.

Which in my case that’s what I’ve always felt, lost between two worlds the first looks at me as a rebel and breaking all the social rules, unwilling to obey the cultural and religious rules and uncontrollable because I want to be an artist  just like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry too exposed.  All the doors has been closed in my face because no one wants to get involved with a girl who looks like me, so they won’t clash with society. A middle eastern girl is not allowed to be herself unless i was born and raised in the western world at least i would be too far to create a controversy,  because female artists get in trouble for the tiniest behavior and get punished, it already happened before when in 2007 people from the top called my dad and asked him “why you didn’t ask for a permission before you let her participate in a musical reality show called Star Academy”.

And the other world won’t see me as different because the way i look and how i dress, speak and even live with all my beliefs,  it’s what a normal western girl is , i don’t look like the story that media would report or shine light on my story,  because  i don’t look like the regular Muslim girl that you normally hear about, and i don’t look like diverse enough to sell my music,  because i just look like a western girl not a Muslim Girl. Girls like me in the middle east are lost between wanting to be ourselves and dress, speak, love , think and dream just like any other human being,  we need to be born and raised outside this culture so we can have a chance to make it. Simply because we don’t fit in any category so we are lost in-between two worlds.

Either we shut up and business as usual and we downsize our dreams, ambition and standards, or we move to different places, and get lost in a culture that we’re newly introduced too.

I’m just a girl with a dream ✨  As simple as that.


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