First of all, I’m an introvert and I find my peace at home in the silence away from the crowd, but even introverts are feeling uncomfortable and specially if you live in with your family, it will affect you and your introvert soul and specially if they are not responsible and uneducated enough with the issue.


Before I continue  just a reminder I don’t claim that I know all the answers to this issue and I’m just like everyone else I’m trying to survive these hard time specially if you have mental issues and anxiety.   Being  an introvert and self-isolation is not a big deal to me because I’m used to stay at home all the time, but with this pandemic even  introverts are being affected by the uncertainty, it’s the news and the amount of the information we get on a daily biases which is effecting all of us with no exceptions. Rich, poor, famous, etc…. We are all in this together.


I am panicking just like everyone else, I keep searching for the updates, the number of cases and the vaccine trials, hearing the news of how many are dead and how many people are being affected by the virus,  it’s more than seventy thousand deaths and  more than one million people are affected by it, hearing that some countries don’t even have enough beds to treat those affected,  basically the world is in war with an invisible enemy, even the world leaders are confused and shocked, that it’s 2020 and nothing can be done to end this war, this virus forced major cities to shut down, cities like Milan, New York, Paris etc… it’s World War III  but this time the enemy is invisible.

It started to trigger me mentally with all the information coming from social media, people around me and specially those who are not taking the issue serious enough and keep going out like it’s a regular flu, it’s an overwhelming, so I started trying some activities to stay positive and to be strong, because no one knows how long this thing will last.  These are couple of things that made it little batter, it’s important to mention that this activates and tools are not for everyone, you should ask a professional if you are being treated by one, you can try the things I listed if you think it’s working for you, it includes as follows:

– I tried listing to music and it’d been helping a lot I can skip this nightmare at least for glimpse of time.

-I tried lighting a candle; turn off the lights, and applying a sheet mask while watching something on Netflix.

-Reading a book is one of the most important thing in my daily routine it takes you to different places, beautiful fictional places and some self-helping books that been working as a therapist for me.

-Having a genuine conversation with my dad is one of the best things ever, he knows how to make me relax and to look at things from a positive perspective, telling about his experiences through tough times, without any doubt he’s the right therapist.

-Face timing my best friends have been helpful too.

-Cleaning and organizing the place is helpful too I put some good music while cleaning and doing the laundry.

-Cooking makes me happy and positive, it’s the only time I stop thinking about anything but the meal I’m cooking, I’m so occupied that I won’t scroll throw my phone looking for updates.


-When it comes to news I get my updates from Bill Gates, because he’s the one who warned the world about this pandemic, and he’s aware of all the updates.


Finally I hope you stay at home and to stay safe, for you and for you family, those in front lines nurses and doctors and the vulnerable.  P.S Thank You to all the health workers all around the world, you are the real heroes in this war and we are glad that you are sacrificing your lives for us. You deserve all the medals and  honors in the world THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE.



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