Until Death Do Us Apart


Why do we have to lose someone in a tragic accident or crash for us to understand that life is too short and that life is not promised to anyone, why do we need to be reminded all the time that life is more than trends, looks and whose right and whose wrong, why we need to lose big names like Kobe Bryant, Princess Diana for us to remember that we are all humans.  Bullying, Trolling each others and the new trend “Canceling Someone ” and creating a negative environment which never serves anyone, and start a campaign to end someone’s career or following someone daily just to comment on every detail in their lives defending it with the most ridicules answer “they put themselves in that position” responding every time that they are famous than they should have a thick skin  so they are allowed to bully them and troll them until it’s too late. We are witnessing also trolling non-famous people thinking that no one in the world is immune to any attack then act like they’re shocked and sad that the individual took their own lives, because they couldn’t take it anymore but it’s too late to take it back.

After the tragic crash that took one of the kindest human being ever Princess Diana  , the campaign that the press created and even society along and to me i think that press is made by a group of people coming from the society to reflect the public opinion, they followed her, shamed her, bullied her in the press, people used to say that she’s going from man to man even the positive feedback was a pressure on her shoulders because we think that when we defend someone against bullying and trolling which also puts even more pressure on the victim  knowing that it’s going to be worse, because the bully will become even more ruthless,  And after her death the whole world acted like they were shocked and how it’s too soon for her to be gone , we all thought that the world will change, and that the world will learn from that lesson before it’s too late again. The world only mourn the loss for couple of days and everyone start to speak  wisely, and just like that the world went back to the same old habits, picking on people, how they look, who they’re dating, how ugly their looks, fake for having plastic surgery and ugly for not doing anything, and the world always pick a target whether a famous person or not until we lose someone again, we go back to the same circle mourn the dead for days and then go back to the same old habits. Yes we all fell  for it because sometimes it seems like it just for fun, nothing is serious it’s just a retweet or a replay that we all share unconsciously creating a negative energy in the world, yes there things that are funny and it doesn’t harm anyone, the most dangers thing is to pick a target and start to bring this person down thinking that we are prophets and we don’t have personal  flaws and we never made mistakes, we all made mistakes and we all said something not knowing that it’s wrong or we didn’t have the information or the knowledge about the issue, we all acted somehow like kids. Now we live in an age even if the person didn’t commit a huge mistake and how many times we witnessed this when people and media pick someone and put a target on this person’s back and no matter what they say or do the world immediately makes sure they are attacked and bullied to the point it turns into death threats and hate crimes.

We need to think seriously about this issue because it’s like the climate change there will be a time when the whole world will be living under huge mental health illness crisis because everyone is anxious about every single detail in their lives, this will cost the world great number of souls who we may lose from depression, anxiety and overthinking.  Let’s teach our children to be kinder and to have sympathy towards others. Let’s fight bullying, trolling and “canceling” people only because it will give someone couple of RTs, followers, some money and becoming popular for one hot hour. Remember that’s your karma and it will come back to hunt you in many forms and situations.

Finally being kind is sexier and makes you look attractive and will create a lot of positive energy in the world that you will receive a good karma along the way.  Yes life is not fun without joking around and laughing but when it turns into a vicious attack and wishing someone harm and death it’s no longer fun it’s a crime.  BE KIND



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