Seven Reasons Why…


You should take care of your mental health, I suffered from Depression and Anxiety and this is why you should consider help too:

1. You deserve a batter life, you have to be fully alive this journey is yours to experience with self-love and joy, your life is a puzzle and each path , accident and trauma is part of our transformation into a magnificent self, and you need to ask for help if things are too much to handle , and no it’s not weakness it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

2. Who said you need to look or be the same as the other seven billion people in the world, if you care too much you suffer too much, be your own version of yourself it’s hard at the beginning but I know from a personal experience, believe me the minute you’re free of all the ropes that’s suffocating you like society , family and friends, and you start surrounding yourself with those who make you feel better and accept you the way you are, the brighter your life will be.

3. Your opinion matters, you feeling matters, how you speak and how you dress and show your feelings are important don’t feel anxious every time you want to say what’s in your mind, the truth and the life you carry in you has the right to live and to have it own opinions and dreams, even if it will hurt and people will not like your truth there are so many people who will love your true authentic self.

4. You a force that can change the world with your dreams and vision, you are someone who matters to someone , your smile, heart, dreams and skills might can change the world to a batter future and how you feel now is going to change and you will be the best in the world , just ask the right person for help and the minute you are free you will see how your life and vision is amazing.

5. Your mental health is important to start your own journey not the journey you read or you visit on people social media , or the comments people leave under your photo or the likes, one important thing , two people could post the same quote but one will get millions of likes and the other will get nothing, not because you don’t matter it just means that the first is famous and the other is not as simple as that, we all matter without the like, views, you need to remember that those are fake expectations and standards that the world accepted and everyone is following it, you don’t. No one’s life is valued more than the other, your posts and photos it doesn’t get that much of an attention because the world still didn’t put a tag suggesting that people should, but don’t postpone your journey waiting an outsider to validate your image and joy.

6. You could be an Introvert and you are confusing your love to be alone at home and not going out every night with the idea that you don’t like the world and that something is wrong with you, being an introvert it means you feel at peace away from the crowd, noises, or having big gatherings and dinners, nothing is wrong with you, just like extroverts they feel more alive and happy when they are out with the crowd.

7. Nothing is worth losing your mind over family, friends, fans and others expectations. you should be proud and at peace with who you are because no one will live with you inside of you but you, this is your life and you should live through your own expectations your own growth, because if the world started to love you for who you are then you set the rules not the world don’t let your transformation and growth be tamed by the world media, social media, people go through changes , they grow and you must accept that without fearing the judgment, don’t be the world’s prisoner. and don’t be your own dreams prisoner.

Be your freaking self, Love yourself , and seek help it’s not a weakness it’s your greatest achievement by not giving up on yourself. LOVE



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