Fuck The Odds 1


Oops did I just write that….


All my life I have been flying against the wind and even when the odds were against me I stepped on them and broke them, since I was little girl until now.  The odds says that a black free-minded girl who only cares about enjoying this wild journey called life, who will never have more than what her world offers her, that one day will have her own voice.


Everyone thought and said that i will never be good at school even when I was bullied for my color I used to pass all my classes not by being at the top of my class but I used to pass with fine grades which was mentally challenging, those who bullied me had better grades than me, and at that time they looked better than me because they were white according to them and I’m black, I said to myself FUCK THE ODDS i am going to graduate from high school and I will get the highest degrees and I will be at the top in life, guess what I have Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s Degree in Project Management  BOOM just like that and those who bullied me most of them didn’t even graduate from college or settled for a mediocre life and jobs, while I became a well-educated girl, classy, sexy , beautiful so in love with myself.


Fuck The Odds when I said that I wanted to become an artist and everyone went laughing at me and I was like OK keep doing it, the joke was on them at the end, I always wanted to be in a reality musical show called star academy it’s the French version of the American idols and whoever gets in is luckiest person around but for political reasons and conservative reasons no girl from GCC ever been in it and even when there were girls wanting to get in they’ve talked out of it because it’s a reality show that air’s 24/7 and cameras following the contestants everywhere from the toilet to bedrooms and everywhere else in the house,  plus boys and girls living in the same house, while me and my dad kept it a secret and waited for the right moment to strike and those who laughed at me and said that I will be out from the first week and you know what for a seventeen years old girl that never been on stage I stayed for five weeks and I did become the first girl from to be on that show and I didn’t fear the hate and backlash that I got from family and society. Someone from the high level asked my dad why she didn’t ask for permission, he answered with “well I won’t kill my daughter’s dream for anything or anyone”.

Again the odds are against me, making in Hollywood and show business as a Pop star seems so far, I’m knocking every door, only one person from thousands of people helped me without putting any boundaries on my dreams he’s the best thing that happen to me I will not mention his name but he’s someone who helped me to achieve 10% of my dreams by his support.  Others did not because I am unfinished product and what are the odds for a girl from the GCC who’s extremely relentless and yes not to forget a feminist, they prefer someone that will not stir the pot, plus the way i dress and the fact that i don’t take no for an answer.

At the end of day there’s 10% of life that I can’t control is the only thing that could stop me from dreaming and achieving my dreams, the other 90% says that I will make it because I worked so hard from the age seventeen until now and I’m someone who believes in hard work and team work, so this dream is my life main objective.  I’m told that I am too much yet the same people invite pop artist that are beyond exposed and well known for their reveling songs and when it’s comes to me it’s too much I quote “Oh no you represent the country” ammm excuse me what about all those events with different artists from everywhere like I said known their open lifestyle. And there is this soda’s company executive in the Middle East whom I emailed him with my project he responded with “that in Middle East they no longer sponsor any artists anymore”, then why the main headquarter in the US asked me to email the Middle East branch to ask them for sponsorship, while knowing that they don’t.  But like I said again I will do it again and strike with my success, which I know that when I become a finished product they will call me the pride of the nation. The only away I will get support is if I bend the knee it actually happened someone reached to me and my dad saying she shakes hands with high people and write her demands then she will get what she wants meaning if i bend the knee, which I’d rather die.

Whoever read this post, if you’re a girl that is about to give up on your dreams because of what the odds says let me tell you, don’t freakin give up keep fighting, dreaming and working hard.





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