The reason why I’m writing this post is because the stigma that surround this subject and the shame of talking about it, and if you think that we are in 2019 and nothing is off the limits then you live in a dream’s land, so many women and specially young girls whose shy to talk about it or even to buy period pads from the supermarket, hiding it from everyone like it’s a shame stamp on their foreheads.

To say it’s painful is the least the ladies out there you know what I mean to say it’s the most emotional phase of my month is just understating the feeling, everything about it is so complicated and if you think it’s just couple of emotional days will you need to educate yourself.  The week before it you get emotional depressed and clueless plus anxious, always hungry  you know why but you can’t control it, let me start with the heat of my body no matter how much cold the room is I still feel like my inside in burning, the physical changes like my weight, and my skin becomes so sensitive with acne, and mood swings that I can’t control , keep in mind  women everywhere they have to wake up in those same days and put on their brave suit and  work hard and pretend that everything is perfect women in banks, Nurses, athletes, mothers with crying babies feeding them, teachers etc..

Then you get your period, the cramps and the pain that comes with it, in that moment i feel like something inside of me is eating me a life, my inside is twisting and my whole body is weak, sometimes even lying in bed is the most painful thing in the world, sweating for no  reason, my sense smell becomes ten times powerful that the smell of coffee is overwhelming,  I can’t stop thinking for women living alone in that moment with that pain, the weakness, and the fever you get, and waking up the next day putting the strong mask going to work or whatever you need to do, that’s heroic no doubt about, because thinking of food in these days or cooking is like being in prison and cooking is your punishment by cooking for yourself. So when I hear how someone complains that equality is unfair will bleeding for 7 days with that pain and the hormonal changes and actually functioning like a normal human being is disrespectful.

So if you’re a man reading this and you have a women in your life the best thing you can do to make her feel better and closer to each other , cook for her in these days, bring her flowers and chocolate, take two days off to take care of the kids it will mean the world to her, tell her that she matters and that you got her, it’s not about being men and women it’s about having an understanding for each other, and even if you are a friend or a father make sure to take care of her because she does all the time when you need her , when she’s mad or sad it’s because she can’t fight the changes inside of her all she needs is a hug and to feel loved.



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