You don’t have to be Arabic, or Middle Eastern to feel Syrian people’s pain, yes there are so many events all around the world, and so many souls  are suffering all around the world, and everyday millions of people around the world are losing their loved ones for so many reasons, but if you ever followed the Syrian story from far or close, you heard about the war in their country or the many wars in their land, but what you didn’t hear is their real stories and here I’m not talking politics I’m talking about millions of people from different background and religions, they lost their homes, dignity and a place they used to call home, I’m not here trying to explain the political agendas behind their suffering  or anything other than Syrian people epic survival from one catastrophe to the next, the world ignored their cries, millions have lost their destination just to survive, families have been separated on every border, the world abandoned them just because they don’t fit anybody’s agenda, the sea betrayed them, the land stepped them in the back and the air became too expensive for them to breath freely, watching a child not more than three years old dead on the shores of some country’s border laying down there with his face on the sand not moving because life was too cruel to give him a safe shore, it’s one story of many other stories on how Syrian people went from being people with dignity and pride to be a denial entry on every border and every land refusing to accept them.

History will stop for a very long time to describe so many events happening today, although history will stop for a very long time to try and explain what happened to Syrian souls, how the world watched them wiped from the face of the earth no one was bothered to offer them a shoulder to cry on, women, children, and men have been forced out of their homes, even God sometimes seemed like not listing to their cries, the screams from that land are so loud only few are hearing them, like a bird flying so high trying to warn the world about an earthquake that is about to happen, and that’s what happened, it wasn’t enough that the world punished Syrian people, the earth also came to deepen their wounds in it’s the latest chapter” What do you say in front of an unfair event? For more than ten years, Syrian people have been fighting fate and humans, and now the earth is even crueler” What do you say in front of this scene where children are dying because of fate and another human who decided to fight them for air?

Everyone used Syrian’s pain for their own interest people kidnapped their suffering like a currency exchange down and up, in front of their epic survival, what do you tell the Syrian children who lost their parents and families? How people and fate decided their stories, how do we expect a child to grow older and understand that life is still beautiful and their scars will heal?   I’m not here to claim that I know anything about their suffering I want to apologize to every broken Syrian Soul, that I couldn’t be part of their healing journey for our cruel hearts that watched them vanish from the face of the earth and didn’t do anything, they are human it takes a human to feel their pain. I want to apologize to them for not having the power to wipe the tears from their hearts and souls and not just from their eyes, how the world refused to open its doors for them, and even when they opened their borders they treated them like criminals. I stand in front of your pain and bow in front of your epic survival to every broken soul, I wish that fate will have mercy on you and finally wipe those tears.

No one in this world wants to leave their families, friends, and the land they grew up in, no one wants to leave the places they once laughed with their friends in, the places they went to, the air and the familiar places, no want to die in the sea, no one wants to get lost in new cities they know nothing about, streets that don’t looks like home, the amount of respect I have to every Syrian suffering soul, for you to want to survive after all the battles and wars and seas you overcome, after losing your memories because of the storms that are determined to break your souls. 

From this dark tunnel and the smoke curtain that hides the pain and the suffering of the Syrian people, I will always have Syrian people in my heart for their Epic survival, for they endured so much pain behind the darkness and smoke I am paying an epic tribute to your proud souls standing in front of a universal battle I won’t forget the faces I’ve seen in the last ten years I will always say that Syrian people screamed for help and how the universe and earth and humans on this planet switched the lights off and closed the doors pretending that it was ghost echo in an abandoned theater no one wants to enter because a ghost is a ghost they can’t bring them back to life.



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