“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

I am writing this post with frustration.  And honestly, I don’t know who will read this post, maybe a few people here and there, then go by their day or read half of it and leave the page.

The world before Covid-19 was already crazy and chaotic, and every country in the world is on the edge of exploding socially and economically, people are angry everywhere, reckless people have become more and more reckless out of order, leaders are leading with their egos, every time you watch a speech for a world leader you hear their ego screaming over the top, they are willing to destroy the world to satisfy their egos, and media is just thinking about their ratings and their business profits not thinking that their reckless way of reporting the news and promoting chaos as part of the problem we are facing. 

The anger you see on people’s faces is just a reflection of the leaders’ anger because when leaders lead without ego, they become a source of comfort to people, and adding to it, the news when people read and watch the news, all they see is part of the truth, and the other part is driven by the network agendas, knowing exactly how to catch the viewer’s attention, now news networks are no longer reporting the facts, but it became a source of rumors and to plant fear among people, the news currently is not about the facts, but making up the facts.

I think Covid-19 brought out the worse in people and world leaders, and it feels like Covid-19 is the excuse they lacked to become hostile and self-centered, I do find it fascinating when world leaders and news anchors, and producers are people like us, they go back home to their families, and they are humans like us, so how can they look into their family’s and children’s eyes and go to sleep peacefully without feeling remorse?.

that in the morning they are destroying others’ peace of mind and in the evening they have dinner with their loved ones like they didn’t do anything wrong, when reporting incorrect facts, or attacking people without the facts or evidence, then go to bed and sleep like they did nothing. 

I thought that Covid-19 was going to make people and world leaders and the news network to re-think the way they handle conflicts and situations worldwide, it feels like Covid-19 was a universal test for each one of us, and from leaders to people we all failed, Covid-19 become a political subject and politicians around the world used it as part of their political agendas, to bring their opponent down, not respecting the millions of families who lost their loved ones, not respecting those who didn’t have the opportunity to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones.

Socially, people became less compassionate towards each other, like in fictional movies when each character at the end of the world wants to do whatever feels right to them, even if it means jeopardizing someone else’s life.

In my short time in this life, I feel like the world is chaotic and there is no order, just like in movies when times are odd, the world is without any leadership, and what Covid-19 exposed to me is that world leaders are just like us, they were shocked by what happened just in time with us, they all appeared lost and not knowing what to do, do they shut-down the borders or not?. Do they have what it takes to stop the virus? Believe me if Covid-19 was a visible enemy, they would be ready to send arms and troops, prepared to destroy the planet. And after three years what did we change about the way we handle things in our lives? just the same and worse, not thinking about others and how to protect each other as humans, regardless of race, background, religion, and where you come from.

The world seems more divided than ever it reminds me of that old quote that says (united we stand, divided we fall) the universe gave us a golden opportunity, a golden ticket to get better, to stop fighting, it feels like a lost chance of what we failed to achieve is companionship and care for one another because when Covid-19 first started spreading it didn’t carry separate notebooks one for the rich and powerful people and leaders and one for the rest, Everybody is equal in this battle, and that is the lesson that no matter how rich, famous you are, what the virus showed, that we are all equal regardless of the walls and bridges and power we are all equal in front of this invisible enemy.

It seems like no matter how many times history repeats itself, we will never learn the lesson, and humanity will destroy itself just like in fictional movies, leaders leading with their egos is dangerous because leaders of the world are consumed by their egos not worrying about people’s basic needs like paying rent and food, having a roof on their top plus their children’s education, their healthcare bills and making their streets safe all those priorities are in the drawers, inside an envelope written on it FOR LATER, fighting among themselves for the office and who has more followers on social media and who is destroying the other one in media and it became like a popularity contest at high school, not willing to set aside their ego and set with each other and serve the people, to make the world a better place. This behavior is contagious now are starting to notice it in society.

Politicians, communities, and leaders have failed to learn the lesson from this universal test, Why, because again humans, us, you, and me, world leaders who act as if we know it all and got all the answers and the best intelligence on this planet failed to see this test coming and yet failed to unite the world everyone is acting as God gave them the key to this world and each one is acting like they own this world, and that’s why we failed in this test, simply because we are a HUMAN we destroy everything, and won’t be satisfied even if the world ends we will go to another planet to destroy it too.

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  Gandhi


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