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Many people assume or pretended to know what feminism is about either the anti-feminism or those who understand feminism the wrong way, the main assumption is that feminists are a group rebellion women who hates men, who don’t consider men are important to their life’s, don’t shower and don’t shave their body and those are a group of women who never found a man to love them they took it as asylum to their loneliness that’s what one of my college professors once said in his lecture while the subject wasn’t even about women it was about the environmental management, and I took an action against him to expel him, and the surprise was that he use to harass female students and no one in the class ever thought of it as a wrong doing they responded with “ it happens sometimes”.

The main goal of this movement was about women rights to vote and to have an equal life at her home with her man and at her work place so those anti-feminism voices are trying to show it as it’s just about women driving attention to themselves, these opinions are more common in the middle east, why I keep writing about the middle east it’s because that’s where I live. This movement started in the 18th century where women like Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott and Sojourner Truth were fighting for everyone to have and equal rights, the righs to vote and to have an equal economical, political, and social rights, plus birth control rights. So it wasn’t about hating the opposite sex, or marriage.

And in the modern era Maya Angelou wrote about how feminist are not just an activists or angry souls they are a beautiful sexual beings no matter what the world thinks of their sizes, colors, and dreams in one of her most known poem Phenomenal Women “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to, Suit a fashion model’s size, But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. “. Oprah Winfery in the other hand the women who changed my life and made me the women that I am today all after my dad introduced me to her, she’s considered to be one of the most influencing women of our time. Her strength by never letting the world bring her down, but the most important lesson I learned personally is how to be a feminist and vulnerable and never fear being called weak.  Personally I never thought of feminism as hating the other side, because I’ve learned feminism from my dad like I mentioned in a previous post, he’s the one who told me to fight for my equal rights and never take no for an answer from a anyone and that the only way to judge me is through my work and results not by my gander, he taught me to be strong and to fight for what’s mine and never wait for men to give me what’s mine and to never wait for society to give the bread crumps of my rights just to shut my mind and mouth up, that’s how I knew that being a feminist is not about being angry or aggressive with men ,it’s not a war, it’s a journey to take what I was born with which is my freedom and the deference between my rights. And to always remember that through this journey I will face criticism and i will be attacked by strangers and family members but my dad always told to never stop moving forward and never feel intimidated by the rejection or the isolation that our society will apply on me. Remembering that feminism is living with my birth rights to have my own choices in marriage, love, education, dreams, job, having children, plus equal opportunities and equal treatment in every aspect of my life.

And it doesn’t surprise me anymore that the minute I say that I am a feminist people responded with “So you don’t want a man to pay for your first date or pull the chair for you, or to open the car’s door for you and you don’t want to hold hand or to be respected, and taking his last name?!” I always get so confused about it, chivalry and romance has nothing to do with feminism I still love all those things, I can pay my own bill or I can open the car’s door it’s about being nice and respectful, who doesn’t like chivalry and respect, at the same time I don’t feel bad if I ever opened the car’s door for my man or pay the bill on the first date, it’s just a matter of a romantic act on your first date, and about taking his last name it’s a matter of a choice you both make, I have worked for my name so hard and it takes a strong man to accept that I have the choice to not take his name, but even with that I might chose to take his name if want to, I would love if he would take my name why not?! And there is absolutely no reason even to think about it.

Finally being a feminist is more than just wearing a suit so people can take me serious or being uptight all the time, it’s a historical journey since the beginning of time, women died and suffered a lot so we can be who we are today and it’s not just about the visuals and speeches it’s more of a daily life not just a celebrity thing it’s about fighting for women who are teachers, doctors, stay home mothers, and waitresses and farmers everywhere it’s more than a cover on the magazine and interviews, because not a lot of women has that platform. it’s how to use fame to fight for those women who we interact with on a daily basis, it’s about all of us supporting all of us, MEN & WOMEN.




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