BLACK LIVES MATTERS Socially & Systemically

“I can’t breathe” won’t go out of my mind, I’m dreaming of it and I’m having dreams about Gorge Floyd’s daughter Gianna Floyd saying  “Daddy Changed the world” over and over, also I can’t forget what his wife said about how he won’t be there for her graduation and walk her down the aisle IContinue reading “BLACK LIVES MATTERS Socially & Systemically”

 Freak Feminist   Many people assume or pretended to know what feminism is about either the anti-feminism or those who understand feminism the wrong way, the main assumption is that feminists are a group rebellion women who hates men, who don’t consider men are important to their life’s, don’t shower and don’t shave their bodyContinue reading

New Year, No Expectations   No Expectations and No resolutions it’s a promise I need to keep …. Honestly I’m done with expectations and resolutions, we set a lot of expectations and we end up being disappointed with ourselves, last year I thought to myself let’s stop setting resolutions for a year you never knowContinue reading